Led by Xavier Guinjoan, with an experience of more of thirty years at the sector of the tapes and technical adhesive products, our company has as a objective offer the best solutions for our customers.

We work with one magnifies gama of products and the necessary tech to be able to provide products that adapt at his necessities.

We pose at his willingness the advice and technical accompaniment that require.

EOS FIX has of a system of management of quality ISO 9001: 2015 for the adhesivat, manipulation, minted and commercialization of technical adhesive tapes


  • Continuous innovation and research.
  • Offer specialized technical advice.
  • Cover the maximum needs of our customers.


  • We study your needs and find effective solutions.
  • Improving every day allows us to offer high quality solutions and products.


  • We opt for commitment, dedication, professionalism, efficiency, effectiveness and empathy, among many other values that we offer in order to improve and offer the best service.